Mobile time tracking solutions have allowed for greater efficiency in the workplace, but ExakTime Mobile goes a step further by providing even more ways to improve workflow.

One such way is ExakTime’s Field Notes feature. This feature allows employees and employers to communicate with one another between the time clock app and our web-based time clock software.

More than just basic messaging, Field Notes allows you to send text, photos, and even voice recordings to easily document what’s going on in the field—and then access them anytime, from anywhere.

Don’t let the name fool you, though; Field Notes can be used in a variety of industries, even if you never leave the same job site!

Keep a Record of Issues on a Bus Route

Managing a fleet of buses is no easy task. Keeping track of who’s working where and when can be difficult enough. Throw in the fact that things will almost inevitably not go according to plan and you’ve got a management headache.

Field Notes helps you manage these unexpected issues more easily by making it simple for drivers to report them back to the main office. This is particularly useful if there is maintenance needed or something that needs to be noted along the route. With Field Notes, a feature of ExakTime Mobile, the driver can document the issue, with photos and even audio recordings, if necessary.

Keep Property Management Updated on Maintenance Tasks

Managing apartment buildings or other property can be a difficult task on its own, but keeping track of everything that needs your attention can sometimes seem impossible.
With Field Notes, it’s easy to keep track of all the work that needs to get done—no matter how many buildings you manage—and to get centralized work site record storage with no extra effort involved.

Your maintenance crews can document issues they find in the buildings so that you can plan repairs and budgets accordingly. No more headaches trying to track down which unit had which problem.

Make Meter Readers’ Jobs Easier

For meter readers, travel and data are just part of the job, but it can be difficult to keep track of all the information they have to collect. Field notes makes their lives easier by providing an easy way to keep track of disconnected services, defective meters, and any other notes they have on their routes so that the proper personnel can review it at their convenience.

Field Notes can be useful in a number of industries and for a number of different situations. Whether you are a managing a bus route, running an apartment complex, checking a customer’s usage of your services, or working in another industry altogether, ExakTime Mobile’s Field Notes feature can help make your employees, and therefore your business, more efficient. Contact us today to see how Field Notes can help your business.