A business has never failed due to improved communication. In fact, communication can play an important role in saving a business by identifying problems and concerns early. In construction and many other field management industries, field notes are often used by remote workers to keep the offices informed of important information as it pertains to a job site. Unfortunately, the traditional way of keeping field notes on paper doesn’t allow for quick communication or timely feedback.

Without knowledge and understanding of a situation in the field you are certainly powerless to do anything about it. So if intel from the field is a kind of power—why wouldn’t we all want to improve this communication process? Luckily, ExakTime has that figured out with Field Notes for ExakTime Mobile.

Job Site Updates

In many industries, delays can lead to major losses in productivity. If you have to wait for answers, approval, and decisions, you could be setting a major project behind schedule. With the Field Notes feature from ExakTime, communications can be streamlined. Now the office will know instantly when supplies are low, or when an incident occurs in the field that requires a response. When you turn delayed communication into instant communication, you’ll quickly see an increase in productivity, accompanied more than likely by financial savings.

Don’t Limit Yourself to Words

Using the technology available on the hardware you already have, your cell phone, ExakTime’s field notes lets you capture voice recordings, photos and text and send them back to the office, where they will be attached to the individual job site within our time tracking software for retrieval and review at your convenience.
Communication isn’t just faster, but it becomes clearer too. Your team can spend less time documenting a situation in words when photos can tell the story faster and much better.

Every business is different, but the one thing every business has in common is the need for constant communication. Don’t limit yourself to old technologies just because it is what you are used to. If there is a better option available, use it! Field Notes will change the way your company communicates.

If you want to learn more or have questions that you need answered, our dedicated team can answer them for you right away. Contact us to learn more about the power of Field Notes.