Happy 2016! Do you think this year in business will be better than your past year? Or are you scrambling for ideas for how to start your year out strong? Don’t worry, we have some! In this blog post we will share with you five ways your business can start the year out strong.

Cross train your employees

Although cross training should be a simple concept, many businesses don’t do it enough. Something as simple as training your employees to do multiple things will pay dividends for your business down the road and will boost employee morale immediately.

More team building

It’s no secret: businesses have a lot of different departments and a lot of employees that don’t interact with one another on a regular basis. For example, why should someone from HR spend extra time with that Sales Manager? The answer is because, it just makes everyone more comfortable working together. Employees are more loyal and reliable and simply care more when they know the team they are working for.

Improve existing relationships and accounts

Most people think a company’s only means of growing the business is simply seeking out and securing new business. But what about those existing clients you’ve had relationships with for years? Don’t overlook your existing clients, because they might have more business that you could offer them. Keep that relationship strong and see if your current client base might need you to do more for them.

Hire a business development manager

If your revenues are down going into the New Year, cutting costs and labor may not be the answer. There’s an old expression, “you need to spend money to make money”, and this is very true—especially in the instance of hiring a business development manager. You may be really busy and have a lot on your plate already, so why not hire someone whose job it is to find new business?

Business development managers are skilled at prospecting, negotiating, and securing new business. So why not focus on what you can control and watch your new business development manager bring in more additional business than you’re accustomed to?

New Year Employee Appreciation Party

We all know that something as a simple ‘thank you’ can go a long way. Why not say thank you to your employees at another time than in the blur of the end-of-year holidays? Show your employees your appreciation for them with a party in the middle of January celebrating their successes over the past year. Your employees will enjoy it and appreciate the effort you put in for them. It will also have them reflecting on the successes of last year and wanting to beat them, putting morale and motivation at an all-time high.

As you may have recently discovered, there are a lot of ways your business can start the New Year out strong. Have a Happy New Year and start it out on a high note!