ExakTime is dedicated to helping business owners improve efficiency and save money by accurately tracking time and attendance, identifying slow workflows and preventing hidden payroll costs. But we get it—not everyone is ready to make the switch to automated time tracking.

In the meantime, we can still help you track time more efficiently! We put together an Excel-based timesheet template that you can use to track employees’ hours on a weekly or biweekly basis. We also made a time clock conversion chart as well.


Excel Timesheet Template Download & Instructions

Just click the download button below to access both the weekly and biweekly templates. Be sure to make a new copy for each employee/pay period so you can keep a historical record of your timesheets.

This simple timesheet template can help anyone with basic knowledge of Excel transition away from paper time cards (or a more complicated spreadsheet). Using it is simple:


  • After you click the button, locate “ExakTime-Timesheet-Template” in your Downloads folder and drag to desktop.
  • Select the tab “Weekly Timesheet” or “Biweekly Timesheet” at the bottom of the Excel file.
  • Fill in the employee’s name, supervisor’s name and hourly/overtime rate.
  • Fill in the clock in and clock out times throughout the week.



As you enter the times, the spreadsheet will automatically tally up total hours worked. It will even add up the wages that employee earned for the time period.

excel timesheet teamplate screenshot

Things to keep in mind

For your convenience, we’ve also provided clock in/clock out times for lunch breaks.

Still want physical records? You can easily print the timesheets when they’re completed, or clear the fields and turn them into printable timesheet templates that can be filled out manually instead.

Please note: The wages are calculated based on the employee’s hourly wage and overtime wage set in the template and are meant to offer a quick glance at payroll costs. Always verify these numbers with your payroll department.

Benefits for employers AND employees

This template offers benefits for both sides of the time tracking spectrum.

For employers, it:

  • Makes collecting time and attendance data easier
  • Eliminates illegible or misplaced time cards
  • Provides a quick estimate of payroll costs per employee

And for employees, it:

  • Cuts down the time it takes to enter time tracking data
  • Provides a look at the amount of hours worked and the pay earned

Take the first step towards automated time tracking

Manual time tracking is time consuming and prone to human error — not to mention that it can cost your business thousands of dollars each pay period. These timesheet templates are a great way to start being more efficient, and they’ll help you avoid some of the pitfalls of manual time tracking.

Not only will this eliminate illegible handwriting, but the spreadsheet will also automatically estimate payroll costs based on the employee’s salary and the number of hours worked.

From ExakTime’s time clock app to our web-based time tracking software, we’ve got a solution for every business, no matter how complex your workforce is. Fill out our form to request more information and find out how you’ll never have to manually track time again.