We’re sure that you’ve heard the phrase “going green” mentioned in conversations about helping preserve natural resources or reducing waste. “Going green” is on everyone’s mind and isn’t just a fad or a buzz phrase getting thrown around. It’s becoming a way of doing things that benefit and help sustain our environment.

While in some cases it may be easier to see ways for large corporations to participate in a green initiative, or you might find ways to contribute on a personal level, it might take a little more thought if you’re a small business.

If you’re in construction, landscaping, school transportation or any other industry that has a large force of mobile employees, and you’re looking for a way to contribute to the cause, consider tracking your employees’ time and attendance with a web-based time clock.

Portable & Remote Time Clocks Eliminate The Need For Paper Time Cards

With ExakTime’s JobClock® portable time clock system and Pocket Clock®/GPS Smartphone app, you can completely cut your need for paper time cards. Employees simply punch in at a remote time clock that is brought to a jobsite or use their mobile device to clock in, track the tasks they’re performing and then clock out when they’re finished.

The ExakTime System also stores all of your employees’ time records into our desktop software program called TimeSummit, which allows you to make your entire payroll system environmentally friendly by storing years of data into a database. So you won’t need paper anymore!

Go Green & Save Money With ExakTime

By using The ExakTime System and eliminating the need for paper time cards, you can start helping preserve the environment and “going green.” But that isn’t the only benefit that you and your company will gain.

  • The ExakTime system can also help your business:
  • Eliminate the inaccuracies of illegible and messy handwritten time cards.
  • Save thousands of dollars every year on materials.
  • Save money on payroll. With everything kept neatly formatted in Time Summit, payroll processing could take half the time it used to.

Fulfill a green initiative by eliminating poorly written and mess time sheets. Let ExakTime save you time and money, while your efforts go toward making your world a greener place.