Harwood Services, Inc. in Omaha, Nebraska was founded in 1978 on the principle that it would work around the clock to complete any painting and wall covering services for its high-end customers. After years of success, President Joe Harwood launched Harwood Commercial Services in 2000 to accommodate the company’s growing commercial business.

But one year into running the new business, Vice President Paul Cox was fed up with deciphering handwritten, paper timecards every pay period.

“My time and material projects were a nightmare,” he said. “I couldn’t read anything the guys were writing. It would take us about seven hours of overhead to go through timecards, decode them and put them into payroll.”

After attending a PDCA Convention in 2001 and learning about ExakTime, Cox purchased ExakTime’s rugged, portable time clock – the JobClock – for his workforce. Immediately, he saw the impact of construction’s No. 1 time and attendance system in his payroll.

“Before we used the JobClock, employees averaged 39 ¾ hours per week. Less than six months later, it was down to 36 ¼ per week,” he said. “The system was great for us, but even better for our customers. I can now provide accurate and honest reports for customers, so they know they get what they pay for.”

Saving more than $1,000 every week on payroll, Cox said the JobClock is the perfect solution for his business. His payroll processing time has also dropped down to just 45 minutes, saving more than six hours of overhead each pay period.

He also said he uses ExakTime’s time tracking reports to solicit new clients, giving him an edge over his competitors. Nebraska does not certify or require special licensing of painting contractors in the state, so the reports give Cox’ business credibility that not many other businesses have.

With The ExakTime System, Cox’ business has saved thousands in payroll and reached hundreds of new clients. He now uses nearly 30 JobClocks throughout his jobsites.

“The system is so easy,” he said. “It’s been great since day one.”