Here at ExakTime, we have wide variety of customers in the construction and field service industries across the United States, Canada and beyond. Recently, we had the chance to chat briefly with one of our satisfied customers, Suzie Cagle from Richardson Mechanical—an HVAC company headquartered in Richardson, Texas. She told us why Richardson Mechanical choose ExakTime as their workforce management solution.

What are 3 to 4 ways ExakTime has helped your company run more efficiently?

#1.) Saving time on payroll.

Cagle: One of the main reasons we love ExakTime is how fast it allows us to take care of payroll now. Today, getting payroll together takes just a few hours at the end of the week instead of HR and supervisors spending two days trying to figure out where employees went, and for how long. On top of that, it was almost impossible to be completely accurate with location data and hours worked before. Now, correcting someone’s time and place can be done daily if necessary.

ET: In terms of saving time and money on payroll entry and errors, ExakTime typically pays for itself within the first pay period. If you’re curious exactly how much ExakTime can save you, you can visit out Savings Calculator page here.

#2.) Ability to spend time on projects that matter.

Cagle: Another selling point for us is the ability to spend time doing the things that matter most to our business. With ExakTime, we now have time to spend on more important tasks.

“Now, correcting someone’s time and place can be done daily if necessary.” – Suzie Cagle, Richardson Mechanical

ET: With ExakTime, instead of paper time cards and manually-entered payroll eating up your hours and days, you’ll be able to focus on higher level items that keep your company afloat.

#3.) Detailed, customizable reporting.

Cagle: We enjoy how our supervisors are able to configure almost any type of report regarding the projects their employees are working on. This allows supervisors to easily pass along the results to their higher-ups on how much is being spent, and where.

ET: ExakTime allows users to view and print over 25 powerful reports to help their businesses run smoother and smarter. From overtime hours to location tracking to executive summaries of projects, our reports enables you to make quick and meaningful insights based on hard data.

#4.) Cutting back on tardiness.

Cagle: Before we began using ExakTime, workers were regularly late to shifts. They were signing in on a paper timesheet at 7am, and we later found out they were really clocking in at 7:09am or later. Now, workers rarely get in late. It took less than a month of seeing paychecks for less than 40 hours for employees to get in on time.

“ExakTime is perfect for any business owner with employees working outside the office.” – Suzie Cagle

ET: With the ability to monitor your workers’ locations and hours in real-time, you’ll keep your crews productive and employees accountable. No more paying for hours not worked, no more buddy punching, and no more lagging starts to days that set back the clock on getting jobs done.

Would you recommend ExakTime to other HVAC companies? Why?

Cagle: Yes—ExakTime is perfect for any business owner with employees working outside the office. You’ll be able to bill your customers faster, and automatically have the hours for each employee marked and ready for payroll.

For many commercial projects, the clients ask for a list of the people who work on projects, which is easily accessible through ExakTime. It’s also helped us answer employees inquiring about their hours faster, too. Best of all, I don’t have to nag employees for their timesheets anymore—making HR once again loved by all.

ET: ExakTime allows you to have quick access to all your latest labor data, including hours worked, payroll, locations, and much more.

We love providing our users with the #1 workforce management solution in construction—and hearing from our happy customers makes all the hard work worth it. If you want to learn more about how much time and money you could be saving with ExakTime, visit our website and schedule a demo today!