The following are some of the most frequently asked question that we hear about the new JobClock Hornet.

What is JobClock Hornet? Where can I use it?

JobClock Hornet is the first completely rugged, wireless time clock that automatically sends time records, ever hour, from remote locations to your office.

Workers clock in and out of the unit using small, colored Keytabs and can track up to 1,000 job activities.

Hornet is a battery-powered, wireless time clock and can be used anywhere – indoors or outdoors. It’s water resistant and operates anywhere between -20˚ F and 130˚ F.

How often does Hornet send time records?

Hornet automatically sends records once every hour. Records can also be sent manually by pressing the manager’s button on the back of the unit.

Basically, Hornet sends records whenever you want it to. No physical collection is required from the clock.

How long does Hornet’s battery take to charge? How long is its battery life?

From a completely dead battery, Hornet takes 4 hours to get a full charge.

On a full charge, Hornet will last about 30 days without AC power.

If Hornet’s battery goes dead, do I lose all my time records?


Hornet has a secondary, backup battery installed within the unit. It allows you to use Hornet solely as a time clock should the main battery go dead – meaning the unit still tracks time punches, but will not send records.

This backup battery protects all of your time records.

What if there is no cell signal at my worksite?

You can still use Hornet as a time clock and have workers clock in and out. At any time during the day, you can move Hornet to a different location where a cell signal is present, so the unit can wirelessly send records back to your office for payroll.