First and foremost—nobody was injured.

On Saturday, August 24th, an electrical fire occurred in the kitchen of Corporate Point Deli (located on the first floor of our office building in Calabasas, CA). The fire was quickly put out by the building’s sprinkler system. However, flooding from the sprinklers reached as far as the elevator shaft on one side.

A fire devastated Corporate Point Deli in ExakTime’s office building.

ExakTime’s customer support team is down the hall from the deli. And for several weeks, due to severe sprinkler damage, they had to work remotely—helping ExakTime’s customers from their coffee tables.

Thanks to brisk communication and cloud-based technology, the team tackled all of their work. Customer Success Director Tom Zeliff and his department were ahead of the game, already having an action plan prepared for this type of challenge.

“We never skipped a beat,” Tom said about the fire. “It happened on a Saturday, so we were able to communicate with people about what had happened on Sunday. And because we use a lot of cloud-based solutions, it enabled us to be quickly up-and-running from home.”

Cloud software allows businesses to thrive. But in the wake of a fire or similar disaster, a cloud-based system can help a business survive.

Our office’s front lobby post-fire damage.

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