Our goal is to make your business more successful by replacing costly and cumbersome paper time cards with an easy-to-use, rugged time and attendance solution.

Although the transition from paper to digital may seem huge to some businesses – especially those that have been processing time cards for years – the move is seamless for our customers because, at its core, our products are easy to install and use.

How it works – Check out our new scrolling animation

Our creative team put together this fun animation that helps break down just how simple the ExakTime system is to use – from clocking into our outdoor time clocks to streamlining payroll back at your office.

You can control the movements onscreen by scrolling up and down with your mouse or using the up and down arrow keys on your keyboard.

Check out the animation here for a quick, light-hearted look at how our system works. Then call us with questions or to get off paper time cards at (888) 788-8463.