Click to connect software solutions have a lot of benefits. They’re relatively quick to install, and they don’t require much handholding throughout the onboarding process. But they also have one major drawback: they’re one size fits all. And when it comes to software, one size doesn’t actually fit all.

Software engineers at various tech companies don’t know your specific situation, and while data and market analytics can help businesses guess as to the issues you might face—at the end of the day, each company will have a unique profile with its own set of small (or mid-size) challenges.

This is why we decided not to ignore customers’ uniqueness here at ExakTime. Beyond being the construction industry’s leader in time tracking and workforce management, we also offer custom development services for customers who need it, big or small.

What is custom development?

Organizations of all sizes have specific needs when it comes to time tracking, scheduling and other areas of workforce management. If a solution in the marketplace doesn’t address your needs directly, custom dev could be a great alternative.

At ExakTime, custom development is the process of customizing or tailoring our software solution to make sure it meets your specific requirements as the operator of a construction or field service business.

Throughout the process, you’ll work with a dedicated project management and development team. The most common types of custom development projects at ExakTime are integrations from SaaS solutions like payroll to our software (~50% of projects), customized reports (~20% of projects), and miscellaneous orders like tailormade mobile sign-off functions.

To start, our sales and project management teams determine whether or not the problem you need solved can be fixed with an existing feature of our robust ExakTime software. With 100% accurate labor data, 40+ types of reports and much more, there’s a good chance the feature you’re looking for is already included in our solution.

“In the beginning, we also look for ways to use our system without custom development services to save the customer money,” says Armando Mota, Senior Project Manager at ExakTime. If the team determines custom development is the best option, the project management and development team work together with the customer to create a cost estimate, then send it over to the customer. When this quote and the statement of work is approved, the project begins.

Who is a good fit?

There are a wide range of ExakTime customers who end up opting for custom development. And, while many tend to be larger, enterprise-style clients, Mota says many small and medium-sized construction and field service businesses also pursue the package.

“Our custom development services are tailored to the needs of all clients, big and small.” – Armando Mota, ExakTime.

One example of this at work is payroll integration. While our system connects to 90+ of the industry’s leading accounting packages, no software on the market can possibly connect to them all. If the payroll platform you’re invested in doesn’t happen to connect to ExakTime, our team of veteran engineers can make it happen.

You also might have a very particular set of criteria or metrics your clients, investors and other decision makers base your performance on. With ExakTime’s 40+ reports we offer, there’s a good chance you’ll find one that fits your needs. If what you need isn’t there, though, our development and project management team can construct a customized report just for you.

With 20 years in business serving over 20,000 customers, we know companies of different sizes and services operate differently—from primary job types to attendance and overtime rules, lunch break protocols, certified payroll needs, and more. If you’re looking for time and attendance tracking with a personal touch, ExakTime could be right for you.