Though many employers are fighting against cell phone usage in the workplace, there are a growing number of industries that are taking advantage of the opportunities mobile phones can provide. Even unexpected industries, like construction, have found ways to adopt mobile tech into their workflows—and have seen great benefits.

Here are just a few ways the construction industry has taken advantage of cell phones and other mobile technology.

Digital Tool Replacements

Cell phones have replaced a lot of things we probably never expected them to. Obvious examples, like cameras and GPS devices, are just the beginning. One thing you might not have expected is that they’ve become substitutes for a variety of tools.

Most notably, a number of level apps have appeared in app stores, providing construction workers a convenient level to ensure they get the right angles every single time (on the phone already in their pockets). There are digital versions for plenty of other measurement tools, as well, including rulers, protractors, and more.

Easy Access to Plans & Blueprints

Blueprints and planning plays a crucial role in a successful construction project, and mobile technology has made it easier than ever to make sure everyone has access to the plans when and where they need them. From good old fashioned email to construction-specific apps that store data, there’s no more excuses for not knowing what needs to be done when.

Keeping Track of Progress & Resources

If you’ve ever run out of materials mid-project, you know it can be a huge, expensive headache. Though there are plenty of ways to prevent this from happening, apps exist that let you keep track of your resource inventory so that you always know when it’s time to resupply.

Track Time and Attendance

One of our favorite, and we feel most important, uses for phones in the field (of course) is tracking time and attendance. With time clock apps and rugged job clocks, you can say goodbye to inaccurate and time consuming timesheets.

Mobile phones allow employees to clock in and out from anywhere in the world, making it easy to manage employees at multiple job sites. Plus, they often come with added features like facial recognition, GPS tracking, and even the ability to record notes in the field.

Have you used cell phones for work in unexpected ways? We’d love to hear about them!