Implementing time tracking software in the workplace can be a great way to improve productivity, employee task management and your company’s ability to scale and grow. But what’s in it for your staff?

While easy and accurate time tracking adds value to your business as a whole, it can also be a tool for increasing individual team member satisfaction and reducing your employee turnover rate—which in turn, will keep your business pushing forward with fewer setbacks.

Whether it’s caused by a toxic relationship with management and coworkers, or a lack of freedom and trust while on the job, there are many reasons why employees may leave and look for a change.

Here are three ways time tracking can help resolve some of these issues in a major way.

Employee-Friendly Management

Time tracking software helps rectify several issues surrounding employee satisfaction and treatment. For many employees, there’s nothing more frustrating than the feeling that management is looking over your shoulder all day (or simply not trusting the hours you write down).

Digital time tracking puts more control in the hands of your employees. It also sets the tone for relationships that are built on trust. It allows managers to better set expectations (about hours, activities, budgeting and more) and helps employees better understand how well they’re doing their jobs.

Confidence in Leadership

Time tracking software also reinstates the notion that your leadership team cares about individual employee workload, overtime hours and vacation time. This removes any doubt that management is unaware of overworked team members, which helps motivate the entire staff from top to bottom.

This confidence works both ways. Management is more confident of the number of hours actually worked with accurate time tracking records a click away. Employees can rest assured that they’re getting fair pay for the time they worked.

Increased Sense of Accomplishment

Rather than simply clocking in and clocking out for the day, a nuanced time tracking system will allow your employees to check off individual tasks completed throughout the day. Not only will this make it easier for employees to stay on task and easily identify a project’s next steps, it will also help increase their sense of accomplishment and positivity about the project at hand.

Whether it’s a construction project or a landscaping project or something else entirely, letting employees work on set goals that are meaningful and fulfilling to them can greatly increase job satisfaction. And tracking these tasks and accomplishments will make it easier for them to see the impact they’re making each day.

To learn more about the many benefits of time tracking, check out ExakTime’s web-based time clock solution today and we’ll help you get started.