When it comes to tracking time, it can be easy to forget that there are actual human beings behind the number of hours worked.

ExakTime has many features that help employers minimize payroll expenses and mitigate wasted man hours.

But we’re also an employee-focused time clock company because we know first-hand: without hard-working employees, nothing would ever get done.

Employees who feel respected tend to be more productive and stick around longer, but many companies just don’t invest any effort into appreciating their staff.

Looking for ways to make sure your employees feel appreciated? Here are a few tips to get started.

Treat Them with Respect

Many companies celebrate Employee Appreciation day, but the truth is that the easiest way to appreciate your employees is to treat them with respect each and every day.

This can take many forms, from simply saying ‘hello’ in the hall and making sure they have the supplies or tools they need to making sure they get paid accurately and on time with automated time tracking.

It might mean following up on suggestions or complaints that employees bring up, and resolving disputes to ensure your employees show respect for each other.
However you do it, the important part is that you’re genuine in showing you care.

Praise a Job Well Done

Whether it’s a finishing a big project or just consistently bringing their A-game, you should dedicate time to praising employees for doing their work well.

Sure, that’s what they get paid for—but they could just as easily be getting a paycheck (and maybe a bigger one) from another company. Regardless, you’re lucky you found them and that you have them on your team. Your appreciation is what matters.

Take a moment once a week or once a month to highlight employees’ wins, whether in an email or with a “project win” board or whatever method you choose. You can also encourage employees to share their own shout-outs about each other to boost team morale.

Reward Employees Who Go Above and Beyond

Sometimes, employees are asked (or choose) to do more than is normally expected of them.

It might be overcoming a setback during a project or working overtime to meet a deadline, or anything else. In these cases, you’ll also want to go above and beyond with how you show your appreciation.

Common examples include letting them leave work a few hours early, paying for their lunch, or even giving them a monetary reward.

Showing your employees that you value more than just the amount of time they work for you can go a long way towards keeping them happy—which will make your company better as a whole.