A common concern we hear from many business owners is over the reluctance of their employees to forego paper time cards in favor of one of ExakTime’s automated time tracking options.

Employees can interpret a shift in the payroll process in a few different ways. Some may feel threatened or accused of something, while another employee may “get” that it’s a means for a business to be more efficient.

Regardless of the concerns employees may have, there are a number of tips we often give to business owners to make the transition easier.

Transition away from paper time cards

We always encourage businesses to ease into a time clock app instead of quitting paper time cards cold turkey. Plan on doing a couple of pay periods using both a time clock app and paper time cards. Once it seems like employees are getting used to the new format, you can remove the paper time cards and use only the time clock app.

This gives your employees time to learn the new system and get comfortable while also allowing your payroll administrator to adjust to a new system of paperless workforce management.

Identify a team member to help you

Sometimes all it takes is one employee who supports your idea to rally the rest of the team. If there is a tech savvy member of your workforce who may find web based time tracking exciting, consider introducing the proposed payroll changes to them first.

It’s a lot easier to gain the support of an entire team if one or two people “on their side” can support the service and explain to fellow team members the benefits and how it will help the business be more successful.

Offer an incentive for a smooth transition

Sometimes the best way to get cooperation out of your team is to offer some sort of incentive (the old carrot-on-a-stick approach). That could be as simple as buying them lunch, raffling off gift cards, offering an extra day off, or anything else that you think will get your team excited.

Just wait on giving out rewards until after the transition from time cards is underway and they’ve been using a mobile time tracking solution for a pay period or two with some (if not complete) success.

At the end of the day, employees shouldn’t be worried about how their time is tracked, as long as they have nothing to hide. Remind them that the change in attendance tracking isn’t intended to police your team. Instead it is there to make the business more efficient and save everyone time and headaches.

For more ideas on how to talk to your employees about the end of the paper time card era, contact us.