You’ve identified some holes in your business’ outdated time tracking system and decided on a new automated time tracking system to patch them. But what about implementation?

Setting up a new attendance tracking system and getting your employees to not only learn to use it, but buy into using it, can seem like a daunting task. Fortunately, with proper preparation and the right time tracking system itself, the growing pains associated with implementation can be minimized.

Prepare your time and attendance implementation plan

Effective planning is always the first step to having any initiative proceed smoothly. Transitioning to a new time and attendance tracking system is no exception.

To begin, you’ll want to outline the steps you’ll need to take to set up the system, such as installing necessary software, exporting data from your old system, prepare your staff for using it, and more.

To make sure this is done effectively, there are several things you’ll want to take care of.

Keep Channels of Communication Open

Even if it will make their lives easier in the long run, some employees may resist the integration of a new time tracking system, especially if you’re moving from the pen and paper honor system to automated, web-based time tracking.

Some employees may perceive it as a sign that you don’t trust them when in reality it’s simply a move to bolster efficiency, accountability and ultimately the bottom line.

Transparency and thorough communication with your employees can help you avoid some of this resistance when you integrate the new attendance system.

Explain that switching to an automated attendance system will make tracking time easier and it will ensure they are paid the correct amount for the hours they work each and every time.

Employee Education

In addition to making sure there are communication channels open, it’s also beneficial to educate your employees on the new system. Take some time to show your workforce how the new attendance system works and field their questions. A quick overview of the basics can go a long way in taking down barriers and alleviating problems before they arise.

When you adopt our time tracking system, we’re happy to hold a one-on-one webinar session with you and your employees. This instructional video chat is the perfect time to learn how you can get the most out of your new and improved time and attendance system.

Integrate with Your Payroll Software

The logistics of making the switch to our system are simple because we include the tools needed to get the job done quickly and correctly.

Our software makes it easy to import your employee’s information, job activities and job locations from your payroll package directly to our software with a click of the mouse.

Our payroll syncing options take over the process from there, allowing you to then export the data you collect into your accounting software such as QuickBooksand Sage.

One streamlined implementation process means no long hours spent manually entering employees, job location, cost codes or time and attendance data into your payroll software.

Choosing An Automated Time Clock That’s Easy To Use

Ultimately, your primary goal with a time and attendance project plan should be to reduce resistance with employees and make sure everything moves along without a hitch. A new tracking system shouldn’t require a semester-long course to learn and operate.

Both our mobile time clock app and our weatherproof time clocks are designed to be easy-to-use and integrate into your business so your employees can adopt it quickly. Our time clocks record 100% accurate records that are stored securely and easily retrieved for payroll processing.

Want to learn more about transitioning to a new and improved time and attendance system? Contact us for more information!