No matter what industry you’re in, there is always an improvement that can be made to provide better service to your customers. With that in mind, there may also be ways for you to provide better customer service while also improving your company’s efficiency and profitability. One simple way that achieves both of these goals is mobile resource management with ExakTime’s mobile app.

ExakTime’s app turns your iPhone or Android into a mobile time clock. This simple, GPS-based mobile resource management system can save your company time and money while increasing customer satisfaction by allowing you to:

  • Always know where your employees are in the field
  • Utilize GPS to guarantee your employees will be where they need to be, when they need to be
  • Better communicate with field staff to send either the closest or most skilled person to the job

How Mobile Resource Management Can Help

To get a good idea of how our time clock app works, consider an electrical company that staffs more than 50 electricians with varying skill sets. With a GPS-based mobile resource management system in place, each electrician will have the benefit of having all of their daily duties, as well as the locations of each job, directly on their cell phones or mobile devices. Knowing what their tasks are going to be as well as knowing exactly where they have to go for each job will save a good amount of time because they will not have to check in with a dispatcher.

Another benefit of ExakTime Mobile is being better equipped to handle emergencies. By knowing the whereabouts of each electrician in the field, the nearest technician can be dispatched to handle any routine situation that arises. With more severe and difficult emergencies, an electrician with more experience at handling the specific situation can be sent to quickly and safely correct the issue. This feature alone will increase customer satisfaction while also improving efficiency.

ExakTime Can Benefit Every Industry

Mobile resource management with ExakTime doesn’t only benefit the electrical industry. It has been proven to make employee time tracking more user-friendly, accurate and efficient in many industries including health care, landscaping, school transportation and many more. Consider how The ExakTime solution could benefit your company.