Make it as easy as possible

This applies for any initiative you’re trying to get off the ground.

When you make a process as simple as possible, not only will employees understand the procedures faster, they’re also more likely to adopt them without complaint.

ExakTime’s electronic time clocks take the headache out of time tracking by making it as simple and accurate as possible. With JobClock Hornet, employees simply touch their green Keytab to the center of the Hornet to clock in and their red Keytab to clock out.

For even more thorough time tracking, employees can use our FastTrakker to not only track their hours, but over 1,000 unique job activities too.

Make time tracking immediate

Filling in hours once a week, which is so often the case with pen-and-paper time tracking, is a far-from accurate system. Whether over reporting or underreporting their hours, it’s at best difficult and at worst impossible for employees to remember a week’s worth of work down to the minute.

img-home-hornetp>Automated time tracking eliminates the strength of employees’ memories from the equation. With our wireless time clock, JobClock Hornet, time records are collected digitally and sent back to the office via our secure cloud service every hour automatically.

Not only will your time and attendance records be more accurate, you’ll also have a timely picture of who is at the job site and, with job activity tracking, exactly what they’re up to.

Communicate the importance of accurate time tracking

Accurate time and attendance records are an essential component of managing your business’ resources efficiently and ultimately boosting your bottom line.

Nothing is more frustrating and damaging to a business than paying for hours that aren’t being worked. By the same token, nothing can upset morale more than employees not being paid for hours they’ve actually worked.

With an automated employee time tracking system like ours, these issues can be made a thing of the past.

Want more info? Get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to explain what the ExakTime system can do for your business!