Time and attendance tracking is one of the biggest challenges in any industry where workers are not consistently checking into an office — industries like construction, landscaping, snow removal and electrical services. In the past, companies with remote workers have used paper timesheets to track workers. Theoretically, paper timesheets work, but, in reality, they are inaccurate and waste a ton of time in payroll processing. Instead using a slow, outdated system, it may be time to upgrade to a faster, 100% accurate method of employee time and attendance.

Invest in Money Saving Portable Time Clocks

Investing in a portable time clock system will speed up your payroll process as well as eliminate keyboarding errors due to handwriting or typing errors. JobClock is a highly ruggedized, portable time tracking system that will withstand the harshest of work-site conditions.

Additionally, due to the JobClock’s mobility, you can use it at any offsite work location to track employee time data. You simply install the job clock at a specific location on the jobsite, and all employees need to worry about is punching in with their color coordinated Keytabs, either clocking them in or out for the job. The JobClock can stay secured to that location for the duration of the job, giving employees a convenient and easy way to track time without worrying about paperwork at the end of the week. Employee time and attendance data can be easily sent to a computer in the office using an Internet connection or portable collection unit.

There are many benefits for making the switch to a JobClock:

The JobClock is a small, portable time clock that is easily set up to serve as the ‘clocking in & out’ station on any job site.

The rugged design means it will withstand the harshest conditions and still work for your team.

Freedom to have remote staff without worry of time-consuming paperwork or overpaying employees due to inaccurate time tracking information.

Easy-to-use for employees; Employees need only a green Keytab to clock in and a red Keytab to clock out.

The JobClock/EX is Bluetooth compatible; data is collected via the FastTrakker Pro or a Bluetooth-enabled Smartphone.

Collect and download time tracking information by sending the data to the office using an Internet connection, saving fuel and data entry time.

The benefits of the ExakTime time tracking system will allow you to increase your bottom line, with a small learning curve for your entire workforce and payroll personnel. You’ll save time and money, while taking out the headache of processing payroll.