ExakTime offers a variety of solutions for time tracking that help you stay on top of labor costs—but we’re often asked which one is the best. The short answer is, it really depends. All of our time tracking options are complete systems that offer unique strengths plus 100% reliability (and feed all data conveniently into our time tracking software). A business with changing needs might maximize their potential benefits by integrating all three of them.

Many Projects Equals Diverse Needs

Let’s say you run a construction company that’s juggling a few different job sites, some longer term or more rugged than others. Most of your employees stay at the same site all day while your supervisors roam from one site to the other, depending on where they’re most needed. You’ve got employees in plenty of different situations, and tracking them with pen and paper time cards just isn’t cutting it.

You want a versatile, time-saving solution that helps manage your employees and labor costs in a variety situations—and provides 100% accurate data in a simple format that works with your accounting package, saving your bookkeeper hours on payroll processing.

A Time-Clock-in-an-App That Goes Where You Go

With ExakTime Mobile, your roaming employees can clock in and out with their own phones, or a supervisor can track a whole crew on any mobile device.

No-fee GPS records whether workers clocked in and out on site. You can even see who is clocked in throughout your whole team, and where, right on your phone.

Our mobile app also eliminates buddy-punching using our FaceFront Biometrics photo verification feature, and workers can provide a clearer picture of what’s happening on site with Field Notes, in which text, photo, and/or voice updates are easily sent to the office for review at any time.

World’s Ruggedest Clock Sends Records Every Hour

Got crews on a long-term job site that’s far from your business? Consider our wireless JobClock Hornet, which sends time records back to office every hour, automatically, using cellular technology.

The Hornet not only records when employees clock in and out via green and red Keytabs, but it’s also a huge help with job costing. Workers can clock in from up to 1,000 cost codes on our FastTrakker, or you can assign cost codes to different colored Keytabs.

Monitor hours and even project costs from the office with real-time data on how long each task is taking.

A Clock Hard-Wired for Toughness at Any Job Site

If you’re gearing up for a long stint at a rough and messy site subject to extreme weather, JobClock/EX might be your answer. Built to endure even the harshest conditions, this time clock can stand up to just about anything your environment can throw at it. With up to six months’ battery life, you can leave it at the job site 24/7, worry-free. When you’re ready to collect your records, use the FastTrakker accessory or the Bluetooth feature on your mobile phone.

A Blended Family of Clocks

If more than one of these situations applies, the best option for your company might be a combination of our clocks: EXs for groups situated at longer-term job sites, Hornets to eliminate the pain of picking up records from a far-away site, ExakTime Mobile for workers or supervisors who are on the go throughout the day or week.

Our powerful software, TimeSummit, acts as your time tracking command central, gathering records from all of your devices and clocks in one central place for simple transfer to your accounting package.

One single solution isn’t perfect for every company, but a mixture of ExakTime products can keep you on top of your time records and improve how you’re tracking your employees’ time.