We’re excited to announce the roll-out of ExakTime’s new Resource Center! By offering loads of content of all different varieties, we aim to make the Resource Center a one-stop shop for construction and field service contractors looking to equip themselves with the knowledge they need to make their businesses flourish.

Here’s a little more about the ExakTime Resource Center.

First off, why?

Helping contractors any way we can: For over 20 years, our industry-leading software has helped contractors increase business profitability, improve their work processes and better manage their mobile workforces. We wanted to take the same approach with our online content. By giving contractors industry-specific knowledge and know-how through the various types of content provided on our Resource Center, we believe they’ll have the tools to improve their companies across the board.

Sometimes, a blog post isn’t enough: Blog posts can be highly informative and easily shareable, but there’s only so much information you can pack into 800 words. Occasionally, some subjects require more detailed inspection than others, which is why we tackle these topics in our Essential Guides section of the Resource Center.

A one-stop shop for all our best material: For the last few years, our marketing team has focused on creating content to help contractors better navigate the construction or field service industries—from infographics to ebooks. The Facts and Figures section houses these materials so they can be easily downloaded, shared and circulated throughout your organization.


When you go to the Resource Center under our “Resources” menu, you’ll find four main areas.

Industry Challenges: In this section, we lay out five of the most common hurdles construction contractors face on a near-daily basis. Think of this section as the entry point to the rest of the Resource Center, with relevant guides and other links found at the bottom of each. We dive into the specifics of a handful of pain points: financial challenges, fraud & compliance, inefficient operations, management problems and unreliable information.

Essential Guides: This section is the focal point of the Resource Center, and new guides will be added from time to time (so don’t forget to check back at least monthly). When compared to a standard blog post, these guides dive deeper into a specific topic, addressing all related issues in detail. ExakTime’s Essential Guides are meant to be bookmarked, so contractors—or project managers, payroll administrators, or anyone in the industry—can return to them as needed. For our first three guides, we cover labor law compliance, cybersecurity in construction and a job site inspection checklist.

Facts and Figures: The Facts and Figures section gives visitors the chance to browse and even download educational ebooks, infographics and other helpful assets we’ve created recently at ExakTime—allowing you to easily circulate and share the content with others.

Glossary of Terms: Whether you’re the new kid on the block in construction or a seasoned pro just wanting to brush up on your knowledge of industry terms, knowing the ins and outs of contractor verbiage is important. That’s why we’ve put together a navigable glossary of terms for construction, including tangible tools of the trade and business-related items. We’ll continually be adding to the glossary. If you see a term we might’ve missed, just drop us a Message through Facebook and we’ll add it in if it’s a fit!