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Road Warrior

Introducing the Road Warrior Bundle for ExakTime mobile

Looking for a better way to track your mobile crews?

ExakTime’s Road Warrior Bundle empowers the Google Nexus 7 Tablet with construction’s #1 time tracking app, ExakTime Mobile, to track your remote workers in real-time with GPS precision, eliminating paper time cards.

The Road Warrior Bundle includes the Google Nexus 7 Tablet, one ExakTime Mobile license and cutting-edge time tracking tools – without requiring any monthly cell costs or additional GPS fees attached to Smartphones.

Road Warrior Nexus 7

With this bundle package, foremen can easily track crews, cost codes, locations, materials, equipment, budgets and more – all on one Google Nexus 7 device.

ExakTime Mobile provides GPS coordinates for workers’ locations when they clock in and out and proprietary management tools for supervisors, including FaceFront Biometrics photos and Field Notes.

Utilizing ExakTime’s secure cloud service, foremen can wirelessly sync time records and other job-site data to their office in seconds. From any WiFi hotspot, foremen simply touch “Sync” on their Nexus 7 and records are transmitted, guaranteeing they’re on time, accurate and reliable.

Bookkeepers automatically receive time records on their PC via ExakTime’s office time tracking software, TimeSummit – eliminating the frustration of collecting paper time cards and deciphering and entering written time-card data.

Time records export directly into the payroll package you’re already using.

For more details on the Road Warrior Bundle or upgrade options, contact your ExakTime representative today at (888) 788-8463.