If you’re tracking your employees’ time through old-fashioned mechanical time punches, handwritten timesheets or even elaborate spreadsheets, you’ve probably been frustrated by some aspect of the process, and felt it was wasting your time (and money).

Here are a few signs that it’s time to seek greener pastures:

It Takes Employees Too Long to Clock In and Out

Tracking time is partly about finding inefficiencies so you can improve workflow—but if the process itself is inefficient, you’ve got some problems.

Clocking in and out should happen in seconds, not minutes. Anything more than that and you’re just wasting time. This can happen with outdated machines that don’t work as efficiently as they used to or complicated spreadsheets that take time to manually enter data.

With digital time tracking, like our mobile time tracking app, employees can clock in and out with a simple tap of the screen. Another tap selects the appropriate custom cost code or activity, instantly recording relevant data about their work. Even better, this data is available for instant review and approval.

You’re Spending Too Much on Payroll

Labor expenses are obviously part of running a company, but did you know you’re likely paying more than you need to? There are tons of factors that might be costing you money:

  • Time theft by employees
  • Erroneous time tracking data
  • Time spent on double data entry
  • Time spent collecting and tracking down time cards
  • “Guesstimation” time tracking

If even one of these applies to your business, you could be losing a lot of money. Want to see how much? Check out our payroll savings calculator.

With time tracking software, you can cut out all of these issues by getting 100% accurate time tracking data. And best of all, some time tracking solutions sync with your existing payroll software, cutting out the need for additional data entry.

You’re Getting No Information From the Field

You’re might be thinking: “My employees give me their times every week. What else is there?” With today’s software, you can collect valuable activity tracking so you know the times spent on specific tasks, GPS tracking to know where your employees are, and multimedia field notes that show progress in real time.

Maybe you’re starting to crave the conveniences (and competitive edge) provided by better technology. If so, it’s probably time to reevaluate your time tracking system. Digital solutions are not only more efficient, but they can also be easy to use and help you run your business easier than ever.

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