ExakTime has time tracking and collection accessories that pair seamlessly with your JobClock to deliver an easy-to-use time attendance system for your workers and bookkeepers.



Keytabs are a great companion to either one of our JobClock models.

These small, durable plastic tabs can be used by employees to clock in and out with a simple touch. A beep indicates the JobClock has read the tab and you’re ready to go.

Every Keytab set includes both a green and red tab: red for clocking out and green for clocking in.

Each tab includes a stainless steel encased ID chips – allowing you to assign the set of tabs to a specific employee and their cost codes.

Have an employee working under many different cost codes? No problem, we offer Keytabs in 11 different colors, including the base green and red tabs, so you can add unique tabs if you need too.

Best of all, they’re convenient. Keytabs are designed to fit on a keychain making them easy to keep track of.



FastTrakker is another handheld, durable device that workers can use to clock in and out with on your JobClock. But unlike Keytabs, FastTrakker allows you to track 1,000 unique cost codes you define.

Employees simply use the thumb wheel to scroll through the listings until they select the desired cost code and touch the device to your JobClock. It can’t get easier than that!

Tracking cost codes will have an instant positive impact on your company’s bottom line. You’ll have more precise estimates for future products, making the bidding process easier and allowing you to more efficiently distribute your resources.

FastTrakker Pro

FastTrakker Pro

FastTrakker Pro packs even more bottom-line boosting features, putting the ultimate time collection device in your hands.

FastTrakker Pro does more than just track over 1,000 unique job activities like the standard model. It also wirelessly collects time tracking records from your JobClock for you.

Simply scroll to “Collect Records” and then press the FastTrakker Pro to the front of your JobClock. Once your records have been collected you can easily send them to your TimeSummit software.

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