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JobClock Hornet receives patent for wireless time tracking

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JobClock Hornet, ExakTime’s wireless, rugged jobclock, had a big month in September! The US Patent & Trademark Office awarded it Patent #9,436,933 for its unique wireless data delivery capabilities that have revolutionized time tracking for companies with remote job sites.

The Hornet runs on battery power to collect digital time stamps in the field and automatically transmit them to the office every hour via cellular network. ExakTime designed JobClock Hornet so that management would get accurate time tracking, and wouldn’t have to wait until the end of the day or week to learn that someone was absent or had missed a time punch.

“ExakTime created a product that has revolutionized time and attendance management for the construction industry and beyond, and I’m so proud,” said ExakTime CEO Tony H. Pappas. Read the full news release here.


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