JobClock Hornet is used by more construction contractors than any other wireless time clock. Here are a few reasons why.

A time clock for every job site

Outdoor construction work takes a toll on both man and machine. Your workers and equipment need to be able to stand up to tough environmental conditions, and your time clock is no different.

The wireless JobClock Hornet’s rugged, military-grade ABS casing protects it from the outdoor elements—dust, rain, sleet or whatever Mother Nature can throw at it. The Hornet makes time tracking easy and accurate by storing your records digitally and sending them to the office wirelessly and automatically, every hour—eliminating the need to drive out to your job sites to pick up time cards.

Battery-powered time tracking on the go

The very nature of the construction industry means your employees are scattered over multiple worksites that change a lot, sometimes daily—making flexible time and attendance tracking essential.

The Hornet guarantees that flexibility with its lightweight design, long-lasting rechargeable battery and wireless capabilities.

Battery operated with an A/C adapter for quick charging, the Hornet holds a 25-day charge so you won’t have to worry about picking it up from the job site frequently. You can also purchase a car charger, so you can charge it while driving from job site to job site.

Time tracking that’s accurate every time

No matter what industry you’re in, your time and attendance tracking system is only as good as the accuracy of the data it supplies. Let’s face it: old fashioned, pen-and-paper systems can’t cut it—they’re messy, hard to read and inaccurate, costing you thousands of dollars every year in lost profits.

Workers simply clock in and out on the Hornet with green and red Keytabs. It records this data with real-time accuracy and sends it to TimeSummit to be transferred to your own accounting software—blocking attempts to game the system and preventing accidental data entry errors.

Want to know more about JobClock Hornet and our other time and attendance solutions ideal for the remote job site? Just ask us.