For companies interested in upgrading from their old-fashioned, time-consuming time tracking system that uses paper timesheets and the honor system with employees, the Exaktime Starter Pack may be exactly what your business needs to increase productivity and save money. The starter pack includes everything you need—JobClock, Keytabs, FastTrakker Pro, TimeSummit—to make a smooth transition to a time and attendance system.


The JobClock Starter Pack will put you on your way to saving wasted time and money on manually entering employee timecard information, which is prone to errors. Whether your employees knowingly fluff their timecards, or by sheer human error they don’t remember the exact time they punched out two days ago, handwritten timecards are not 100% accurate. In addition, the task of deciphering the handwriting and entering in the information for payroll is time consuming and susceptible to errors as well.

It’s common for there to be input errors here and there with paper time tracking, but that can all be eliminated with the JobClock. Utilizing the Keytabs, employees will no longer need to worry about when they took their break or what time they left their first jobsite. All they need to worry about is touching their designated Keytab to the JobClock. It’s that easy. Whether it’s you or another employee who takes care of payroll, all the hard work will be taken care of, freeing up time to work on other tasks.

JobClock Starter Pack Overview

The portable, durable JobClock is secured at the work location. Employees clock in and out via their Keytabs with the JobClock. The information is stored within the device and transferred to TimeSummit time tracking software. Everything is electronic, which means the hours wasted manually deciphering and entering employees’ timecards are eliminated. The JobClock is rugged and built to withstand some of the harshest climate changes.

The FastTrakker Pro is a rugged, handheld device that allows the user to clock in and out via the JobClock, track different cost codes and wirelessly transfer the time records from your JobClock. Supervisors can collect the data on site, and then when they return to the office, they can upload the information and sync the records using TimeSummit software.

This software can manage all your time and attendance information, regardless of the platform utilized—whether it is mobile, portable or wireless. The software collects all the data in one place, leaving you, or your payroll employees to edit and manage employee time data. You can easily create a variety of reports if needed for different types of employee jobs, cost codes and more.

The ExakTime Starter Pack provides you everything you need to get started saving time and money. The starter pack also provides a 6-month free support and software update offer. Especially in the transition period of utilizing your new system, we hope the support service will be beneficial to you. Overall the entire system is extremely user friendly, and will pay for itself quickly. The starter pack is only $995, but you will quickly cut out wasted expenses right and left once you see your accurate job cost and employee time and attendance information.