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ExakTime JobClocks and ExakTime Mobile

JobClocks vs. ExakTime Mobile: Which is best for your situation?

Here at ExakTime, our solutions help a variety of companies in construction and the field service industries expertly manage their workforces. Because we service such a large array of companies, customers’ needs can range pretty widely based on their situations.

This means companies use ExakTime differently—some only use ExakTime JobClocks, while others strictly use ExakTime Mobile, and still others may take advantage of both. So, when it comes to deciding which solution would best fit your business needs, there are a handful of things to keep in mind.

Who should use ExakTime JobClocks?

The two rugged job clocks ExakTime currently offers are the JobClock Hornet and the JobClock/LE. With both units being equipped with wireless technology and an exterior design able to withstand the harshest environments Mother Nature can throw at it, you’ll have the opportunity to track time no matter where you work. Here are a few situations where job clocks could be a great choice.

Some job sites may be so rainy, snowy, dusty or dark that workers may not be able to use smartphones at all.

#1.) You work in harsh environments.

Anyone who’s worked in the field knows some job sites are more harsh than others. In fact, some may be so rainy, snowy, dusty or dark that workers may not be able to use smartphones at all.

These tough conditions are perfectly suited for ExakTime’s military-grade job clocks, which are able to operate in temperatures from -10 to 170 degrees Fahrenheit and can be clocked in or out with the simple touch of a keytab. No need for clean fingers or the ability to tap a precise place on a screen.

#2.) Not everyone on your team has a smartphone.

While smartphone ownership has skyrocketed in recent years—from 35 percent in 2011 to 77 percent in 2018—it’s still important to remember that not every worker has one. In the cases where a large number of your workers don’t, job clocks could be your best option, given ExakTime Mobile requires all workers clock in using our smartphone app.

#3.) Long-term job sites.

Oftentimes, when your crew is working at a job site for an extended period of time, working with a mounted job clock could be the most convenient option. This way, whether it be a few weeks or a few months, your workers can easily clock in and out at the same location for each day they’re on site.

#4.) Long days on a job site.

The batteries for ExakTime’s JobClock/LE are built for the long haul, lasting a whopping 6 months before they need to be recharged. The JobClock Hornet holds its ground as well, with an average battery life of 21 days.

Who should use ExakTime Mobile?

There are a number of reasons why companies would choose ExakTime Mobile. Here are a few of them.

#1.) You want to monitor equipment and employee activity in real-time.

If your company is looking to keep track of what your crew is up to and where your equipment is throughout the workday, Exaktime Mobile is right up your alley. With unique and handy features like GPS Geotrakker, photo ID verification and Equipment Tracking, you can put an end to second guessing once and for all when it comes to your workers and tools across your job sites.

If your company is looking to keep track of what your crew is up to and where your equipment is throughout the workday, Exaktime Mobile is right up your alley.

#2.) You have multiple, mobile crews that need tracking.

If you or your project managers have multiple crews you need to manage that are constantly on the move, ExakTime Mobile is an ideal solution. After all, employees’ smartphones go where they go and they’ll always be able to clock in or change job sites or activities.

Our mobile app also allows you to give supervisors permission to clock in for and manage a crew all at once, saving everyone even more time on the job site. And with SiteHub, available on our mobile app, those with permission will be able to see all activities across your sites—from Field Notes taken to workers clocking in to weather conditions—in a real-time, scrollable live feed.

#3.) You want to eliminate employee-employer back-and-forth.

With Time Card on Mobile, workers are able to see how many hours and minutes they’ve logged for that pay period—including a breakdown of their Regular and Overtime hours. By having this available to employees directly on our app, payroll managers and business owners can rejoice knowing any back-and-forth when it comes to finalizing hours for payroll can be eliminated.

When it comes to time tracking and workforce management, we take pride in offering our customers a wide variety of solutions to fit their particular needs. Two of those solutions are our rugged, battle-ready job clocks while the third is our powerful mobile app. By applying the principles laid out in this article, you’ll be in a position to choose an ExakTime solution that is tailor-made for your company’s needs.