You run a company with over 100 employees. Your payroll is higher than it should be and it’s impossible to know if each of your employees is actually working the hours you’re paying them for. You’ve wasted your own hours trying to minimize unnecessary costs—but this isn’t fixing anything.
With ExakTime’s time tracking solutions, your nightmares can be a thing of the past.

Diverse Solutions

Our time clocks and time tracking software are used across a range of industries by companies of varying sizes. By specializing in digital time tracking and offering more options than anyone else—from software to ruggedized clocks or a blend of solutions—ExakTime is guaranteed to offer a fit for your situation.
Our equipment and software work together in complex time tracking situations to collect and combine all the data you need, so that you can print them out in over 40 quick, easy-to-read reports.
Best of all, our solutions are easily scalable with the growth of your business. Pen-and-paper time records or traditional punch-in clocks become more of a problem as your workforce grows, and add more work for your bookkeeper. ExakTime lets you add an unlimited number of employees to your roster whenever you need to and then tracks their data automatically—flowing it back into your accounting program with no extra effort.

Streamlined Payroll

Manual payroll comes with a lengthy list of errors that cost money—or even when they’re caught, take time to correct.
Automated time tracking gets rid of those issues for good. With our time clocks and time tracking app, your employees can clock in and out easily and you can rest assured you’re getting 100% accurate data for all of them. You can even use our AccountLinx software to export this data to your existing payroll software, meaning no more double-data entry.

Proactive Reporting

The bigger your company gets, the harder it can be to keep track of trends and costs.
How many employees worked overtime three weeks ago? How many man-hours are being spent on a given project? How often should you be buying new supplies? Is everything running as efficiently as it should be?
ExakTime’s software, TimeSummit, is your source for powerful reports that crunch your data and answer your questions about how your business is doing and what needs attention or correction.
You’ll have accurate, actionable data to help you stay compliant with federal regulations and make smarter business decisions for the good of your company.