Business owners know better than anyone that a new year means two things: Improve from last year’s numbers and find ways to work more efficiently. One great way to achieve both of those goals is to find a way to better track your employees’ time and attendance.

And the most effective and accurate way to do that is with The ExakTime System.

ExakTime Can Save you Thousands in Payroll Every Year

The ExakTime System is the ultimate timekeeping solution for your small business or your large workforce. It’s a proven winner in a multitude of industries and is sure to help you save both time and money.

Best of all, it rids your business of clerical errors caused by faulty or mistaken time cards.

Now, you might not want to believe that you’re losing time and money in your accounting department, but just think about how much extra time that it can take to decipher poorly written time cards. You could be losing time by having your bookkeeper correcting time, and you could also be losing money if your bookkeeper credits your employees with more time than they actually spent on the job.

With ExakTime’s time and attendance software, TimeSummit, your employees’ hourly information is collected and stored electronically. By saving all of this information neatly and accurately within TimeSummit, ExakTime can help you alleviate payroll problems and save you thousands every year.

JobClock® Rugged and Reliable

The ExakTime system works has two solutions: a remote, rugged time clock and a mobile time clock. These time clocks collect and store your employees’ time electronically.

The rugged and reliable JobClock® works wonders in the construction industry thanks to its durability. It’s the most rugged piece of timekeeping equipment you’ll find.

Simply lock down JobClock at the jobsite and have your employees clock in and out. There are even color coded Keytabs that you can use if there are a variety of different tasks performed at each site. And since the JobClock tracks works as it’s happening, there’ll be no need to guesstimate or round hours at the end of each work week.

PocketClock®/GPS For On-The-Go Accuracy

If you run a business, large or small, that puts your employees on the road more than at a fixed location, the award-winning PocketClock®/GPS is the perfect option for you.

Simply have your employees download the mobile app that is available on their Smartphone or Tablet. After that, they will easily be able to clock in and out from their Apple, Android, BlackBerry or Windows Mobile device.

Another great and easy-to-use characteristic of the PocketClock is the newly implemented FaceFront Biometrics™ Photo Verification feature. This helps you alleviate “buddy punching” by having a picture of your employee with their current GPS coordinates sent back to the office. So you can guarantee that the right person is at the right job.

If you’re looking to improve your business’s efficiency and save money while doing so, contact ExakTime today to find out how!