In 2009, Bettendorf, Iowa-based Cornerstone Landscape and Maintenance was experiencing a measure of success. Still, owners Robert Lowder and Mark Johnson couldn’t help but feel the company wasn’t truly reaching its potential.

In their eyes, greater success boiled down to finding a way to more effectively use their employee’s time. The inefficiency of their outdated time attendance system was a major obstacle that was in the way of that goal.

Their employees, some of which worked at 30 different jobsites a week, were still using pen and paper to track their time. The process was time consuming, riddled with costly errors and a pain to manage.

That’s when their decision to buy two JobClocks and make the switch to an automated time and attendance system changed everything.

More Accurate Time And Attendance Tracking

Cornerstone Landscape and Maintenance was making money, but not as much as they could have been. Inaccurate time and attendance was costing them hundreds in unwarranted payroll every week.

In that sense, Cornerstone wasn’t alone. Time theft is an all too common problem plaguing many small businesses.

Tracking time with pen and paper leaves itself open to manipulation and misinterpretation. Employees can easily alter hours in their favor and sloppy handwritten time cards can be hard for bookkeepers to sort out.

ExakTime’s JobClock eliminates those issues by collecting and delivering time attendance data digitally, in real time. Data is accurate down to the minute and processing payroll is no longer a guessing game.

Switching to a Job Clock doesn’t take a big adjustment from your employees either. Clocking in and out is easy. Touch a green Keytab to the clock to start tracking time and a red one to stop.

Its portability also makes JobClock ideal for construction and landscaping businesses that are constantly moving from one jobsite to another.

Johnson estimates that switching to an automated time tracking system has saved the company $200 to $300 in payroll every pay period.

Seamless Payroll Processing

Cornerstone’s switch to JobClock has sped up payroll processing considerably. What once took two to three hours every week Johnson now estimates takes about half the time.

Manually entering time and attendance data into your payroll package is time consuming and prone to mistakes. With JobClock, supervisors can collect records from the clock instantly using a Smartphone.

Those records can then be sent wirelessly to our time clock software, TimeSummit, using our secure cloud service.

Exporting data from TimeSummit into your payroll package with our AccountLinx software is quick and easy too.

Want to learn more about how construction’s #1 time tracking device can help improve the efficiency of your business? Contact us!