There’s a misconception out there that employees naturally dislike accurate time clocks—this is due to a preconceived notion that time clocks mean companies don’t trust their employees. This, however, is FALSE. In fact, there are many reasons your employees might prefer having accurate time clocks.

No More Errors

One of the disadvantages of paper time cards is that they’re prone to clerical errors when someone has to fill out and approve each one by hand. This can impact your employees if they’re accidentally shorted on the hours they worked. Luckily, a well-designed time clock app for employees stops this problem by automatically syncing workers’ hours with your company’s accounting program, eliminating human error in the process. No more errors means no more payday inconveniences for your employees if an accounting error reduces their paycheck. That’s a win for everybody.

There’s No ‘Buddy’ in Buddy Punching

We’ve all heard of buddy punching before, right? One worker clocks in for their buddy and that other employee gets paid even though they’re not at work. This situation can be frustrating for honest employees who show up to work every day, on time and ready to work. ExakTime Mobile removes buddy punching from the equation. Using FaceFront Biometrics technology, the app takes a picture of each employee when they clock in so you have a record of who’s really punching in.

No More Complicated Timesheets

With traditional paper time cards you need to pick it up, date it, sign it, write down times, etc.—it can be a complicated, time-consuming process. ExakTime simplifies the time tracking process by automating everything. Our mobile app works on a variety of phones and devices, so just about anyone can use it with ease. Plus, it’s incredibly quick. Just click the green ‘Go’ button to clock in and the red ‘Stop’ button to clock out—that’s it.

If you’re concerned about how your employees will feel about switching to a more accurate time clock, just be sure to explain how accurate payroll will benefit everyone. Not to mention the headaches your payroll supervisor will get to say goodbye to with accurate numbers and easy sharing, and the tasks he or she can finally tackle with the freed-up time.

ExakTime developed a time clock app for employees, not one that’s meant to hurt them. Please contact us if you have any questions about how our employee time clock app or any of our other products and services could help your business.