Many businesses today rely on workers who can move between many job sites over theMobile Time Clock course of the day. This is especially true for general contractors, handymen that work on multiple properties, and construction crews.

With these workers starting and ending their day in different locations, it does not make sense to make them head back to the home office to punch in and out everyday.

The mobile professionals need a mobile timekeeping system that they can access from anywhere that they might be working. The PocketClock/GPS from ExakTime gives them just that.

A Mobile time clock app to save you money

PocketClock/GPS is a time tracking app that you can download onto your smart phone that allows you to punch in and out from anywhere. This allows your mobile workforce to get rid of that old time clock and switch to a system that automatically sends a workers data wirelessly to the home office.

The PocketClock/GPS allows you to not only your punches, but also other data such as cost codes, work activities, and job phases.

For example, if you send a contractor to install an air conditioner in an apartment building you manage, you can accurately bill for that specific job so that you can charge for the exact amount of time that your worker was working on that job.

Prevent time theft with GPS technology

Another great feature of the PocketClock/GPS mobile time clock app is its GPS functionality. The app syncs with GPS satellites so that you can be sure that your working is where they need to be.

For example, you have a plumber work on a job site on their own for a day. The app will track their location and mark where the plumber is when they punch in and out. There is no way they can get away with showing up late or leaving early.

PocketClock/GPS is an incredibly effective time keeping app that works with the rest of ExakTime’s products to help your business cut down on waste and save money. Click here to see the other features of the PocketClock/GPS and get an estimate today!