Employee Executive Summary Report

Keeping track of which employee is working on which project can be a confusing task at times, especially when employees and projects overlap. Add traveling employees to the mix–whether they stray far periodically or are on new sites daily–and it’s a challenge to keep track of employees’ whereabouts and tasks to keep overhead costs low and efficiency high.

With seasonal employees, the process becomes an even more exhausting cycle as new employees are added and later removed from payroll. Being able to easily add, remove, and assign employees to projects is important to efficiently tracking payroll.

With ExakTime digital time tracking, the process of adding employees to payroll and tracking their hours and activities offers more flexibility and control than ever. Those administrative access to our cloud software are able to edit employee information, assign or remove tasks and job codes, and even add or delete employees entirely as necessary, making it easy for a business to manage seasonal employees.

Adding or Removing Employees

ExakTime will help you, the business owner or person in charge of payroll, manage and organize employees. You can organize employees’ profiles according to assigned job categories and add or remove assignments depending on needs. However, there does come a time when employees leave the company or their seasonal period of employees ends. Whatever the reason for departure, if you have employees that no longer work for the company, you don’t need to keep them forever.

If you reach that point where you need to clear up the status of employees in your ExakTime system, you can easily remove those employees from the job or cost code, or remove them permanently, depending on what the situation demands. That being said, you can easily add employees to your software with just as much ease. There is no limit to how many employees can be added to the software.

On top of adding or deleting employees, those with the access and ability are able to assign remote employees job codes and categories for easier organization, especially when generating cost reports. This comes in handy for construction, landscaping, catering or cleaning businesses that work on a contractual basis and need to produce job cost or other reports per project or job.

When it comes to ease of organization, ExakTime reduces further headache of managing remote employees through portable time tracking methods. The software streamlines reports, and allows total control over all employee information. Better yet, access can be granted to the software at differing authoritative levels to give certain people access to the time tracking information without being able to edit the employee information.