As landscaping jobs increase during springtime, time spent managing payroll and job tracking increases as well. However, there is a solution to streamlining the process so it is less of a headache for the accounting department or you as the business owner.

The JobClock portable time clock system allows all time and attendance information to be recorded, whether employees are in the office or on at jobsite. This saves costs on timesheets, and employees don’t have to remember specifically when they punched in or out for their breaks and shifts. Different cost codes can be utilized for traveling, on-site work or specific jobs.

The benefits of using portable time clocks versus timesheets or other previous time tracking systems are numerous. Investing in the JobClock system is one of the most cost effective purchases you can make for your business. After all, the JobClock tracks your most difficult cost: labor.

Benefits of the JobClock Portable Time Clock

  • Keep accurate time and attendance information for employees who do not report directly to the office on a daily basis or who travel regularly as part of the job
  • Streamlines payroll process; time clock information is uploaded directly into your accounting software to be processed by payroll managers
  • No more hours lost deciphering handwritten time sheets
  • Money savings due to more accurate time tracking
  • Green-friendly time tracking system that saves on wasting supplies for timesheets by storing and processing all information electronically

Investing in a portable time tracking system will save landscaping companies time and money, while eliminating the headache of deciphering and recording timesheets. Plus, portable time clocks are durable enough to withstand the elements while on location with your employees. They are rugged and portable – able to be secured on the jobsite or moved from each location as needed.