Some things are just better on a map

Our time clock app tracks employees’ hours as well as their GPS locations at clock-in and clock-out, so you know they were really on site. This also helps avoid confusion for companies with multiple job sites that need to keep track of where individuals worked.

Looking at employees’ time punches in list form and seeing at a glance whether they clocked in within the custom geofence or outside of it is great. But being able to see their location on a map can be extremely helpful, too.

For instance, maybe an employee clocked in or out just outside the geofence. Or maybe they accidentally selected the wrong job site and then clocked in, correctly, at the right one. Seeing this on a map helps you determine what happened.

For that reason, we introduced our Map View feature, which has always allowed you to see an employee’s ExakTime Mobile GPS time punches on a map.

We responded to your Map View requests

We collect feedback from customers within our cloud-based software. We notice which suggestions are made repeatedly, and where possible, we act on them.

Our recent version of Map View worked well, but there was room for improvement. Today, our Map View feature offers all of its original value—and so much more.

Now, when you go into Map View and select an Employee view, you can choose to see a list of all employees or only those with times on that day. Select multiple employees from the list and see all their time punches on the map at the same time.

Within the Employee List, you’ll see each employee’s various time punches, whether they were GPS punches or not—i.e. even if that individual clocked in on a Hornet at one job site and on ExakTime Mobile at another.

You will also now have additional filters that you can apply in order to see only the punches you want to see, for instance: In or Out punches, First Punch, Most Recent Punch, or Outside GPS Geofence.

These helpful filters are both available in Map View’s Employee and Location views.