We are happy to announce that we’ve released a new feature in ExakTime Connect, our cloud-based time tracking software: Merge Locations. This feature allows Connect users to combine duplicate, outdated or erroneously created locations (a.k.a. job sites) under one name.

Connect users can merge two or more Locations into a single final Location in just a few clicks. This action will combine all Time Records, Expenses, Equipment Usage, and Field Notes from the merged Location(s) into the final Location of your choosing.

Why merge locations?

ExakTime knows that sometimes a new job site springs up before admins in the office have had time to add it to our software. Hence we allow admin-level users of our mobile app to create a location on the fly, from the field.

We feel that this option is essential for classifying work under the right job site from the get-go. However, there is occasionally miscommunication because a Location does already exist under a different name. Or sometimes the field user misspells a Location, and it is recreated under the correct spelling in the office—but the misspelled Location isn’t deleted.

Merge Locations is exceptionally useful in ridding your system of alternate versions of the same location. (Note: Merging is only possible through our cloud software, ExakTime Connect.)

Users will find a new UI link on the “Manage Locations” screen called “Merge Locations”. From there, you’ll just follow the simple instructions to choose all Locations to be merged, and a single “Merge Into” Location.

Once again, for your convenience all Time Records, Expenses, Equipment Usage, and Field Notes will follow from the merged Location or Locations into the single, final Location.

Our Merge Locations feature in ExakTime eliminates confusion and allows everyone to get back to the real work!