Mobile technology seems to be everywhere these days.

Our Smartphones, tablets, computers and even TVs can interact and share information across the globe in seconds. ExakTime’s mobile collection capabilities fit the trend, transforming your Smartphone into a powerful collection tool for workforce management systems and your time and attendance.

ExakTime’s portable JobClock System can be used with Android and BlackBerry Smartphones to send 100% accurate attendance data from the job site, via our JobClock.NET online cloud service, to your office.

With this technology, you can get your time and attendance records to your office – from anywhere with Internet access – in seconds!

How do I send time records from my Smartphone?

The portable JobClock system works with your Android or Blackberry phone by using Bluetooth technology.

To send your records to JobClock.NET, simply download the ExakTime Mobile application and turn on the Bluetooth on your JobClock mobile collection unit (Android or BlackBerry).

On your phone, select JobClock Reader on the ExakTime mobile application, and select collect records.

Your records are then sent to JobClock.NET and can be accessed from anywhere over the Internet. This links your office with all of your remote workers and ensures that your payroll is accurate for both you and your employees.

Mobile payroll systems take the stress out of payroll!

Job sites are tough places! Dust, dirt, water and even sparks can pose a threat to traditional handwritten, paper time cards or fragile automated payroll systems.

The fear that an entire pay period of data might be lost must be at the forefront of any supervisor or manager that uses these antiquated systems.

Our workforce management systems take that worry out of your busy day! Using our mobile technology with your Smartphone can make your business smarter, faster, safer and more cost effective.

And with a 30-day, money-back guarantee on new systems, what’s the harm in seeing if ExakTime is the right fit for your business?

If you’d like more information on ExakTime’s Portable JobClock System or any of our other award-winning time and attendance products, please fill out our web form or contact us here.