Many industries have strict rules that must be met, and compliance with those rules often requires documentation on breaks, employee safety, and other important data about a particular employee’s work day.

ExakTime is pleased to offer digital forms for such documentation—now not only our time clock app, but also with easy viewability in our web-based time clock software, ExakTime Connect.

Mobile Forms Protect Your Business

Tracking compliance through ExakTime Connect is easy and reliable.

You’ll have instant access to a digital “paper trail”, as well as a history of every punch-out that includes employee responses to compliance related questions every single time they finish a shift.

This information protects your business from audits, lawsuits, and fines because you’ll have historic proof of meeting all compliance issues.

Failing to take advantage of this easy-to-use feature leaves your business vulnerable to larger problems that will be a burden on your business.

It’s the Most Efficient Way to Meet Compliance Standards

Often compliance issues are handled with traditional paperwork, since signatures are often involved. The problem with paper forms is that papers can be lost, job sites can run out of paperwork, and employees can easily forget to fill them out.

With the mobile form integration on ExakTime Connect, you have the option of making signing off a requirement for punching out, so they can’t forget. Signatures can be obtained digitally and all of the information is backed up on the cloud.

Simply put, there has never been a more efficient means for meeting compliance standards.

Some other recent additions to ExakTime Connect, including time card approvals, new notification features, and a new Time Card View feature. Learn more about all of the available features on our ExakTime Connect page and reach out to us if you have any questions.