Now you can get employees to approve their time cards on their phones, instead of coming into the office!

ExakTime’s Mobile Employee Approval with Signature is here, with options to suit your employees’ workflow and your compliance needs.

If you already use our time card approvals in ExakTime’s cloud-based time management software, you’re in for a treat. Mobile approvals are more customizable and convenient for employees. All you have to do is activate approvals for use on mobile, and you can get time cards approved on a dime.

How do workers approve their time cards on mobile?

After a pay period is complete, employees simply log into the ExakTime Mobile app and tap Approvals at the top of their screens.

The Approvals screen indicates the pay period the employee is viewing, the total time worked (Regular, Overtime and Overtime 2), whether the time has been approved already, and a warning icon if there are any Time Card problems (i.e. missing punches). Underneath is an “Approve” button. You can disable approvals if there are missing punches, but more on that a little later.

Business admins can track who has reviewed and approved their time cards by referring to the Approvals column in our software’s Time Card Summary screen or the employee summary card on Time Card Details.

After a pay period has been “closed” in ExakTime Connect, workers will no longer have the ability to approve their time cards for that period.

(Note: Unlike our clock-in and clock-out functions, employees must have internet service in order to approve time cards.)

Does time card approval include a signature?

Different businesses have different compliance needs and requirements when it comes to employee time approvals. For that reason, we’ve made it easy to collect employee signatures with their approvals.

If you choose to require a signature with approvals, when workers click “Approve” a new screen will appear featuring a signature box for finger signing. They can sign with a finger and then click “Submit” to complete the approval process.

“This signature indicates that these records are correct”

Businesses can add an extra layer of compliance protection by including “acknowledgement” text above the approval button or signature field.

Owners or HR managers can include whatever verbiage is appropriate or required for their business. You can even provide a message to Spanish and French to be served to employees using the app in those languages.

You can view employees’ time card signatures in the Time Card Details and Time Card Summary screens within our cloud software, and in the Touch Details report.

Time cards with exceptions, a.k.a. problems

Now you can regulate whether time cards with issues (also known as “exceptions”) can be approved by employees. If you don’t want employees to be able to approve an incomplete or error-filled time card before the missing information is clarified, admins just set a permission that will disable the “Approve” button on mobile in those instances.

Note to current ExakTime Connect approvals users: A similar Connect setting will enable or disable “Approve Time” link in ExakTime Connect if the time card has exceptions.

Please reach out to us with any questions on functionality, or about our mobile products in general!