If you own a construction company, landscaping or snow removal company, you know the importance of being able to reliably track your remote employees’ time. It can be a challenge to accurately account for where your employees were, and when they were there. To gain better control over your payroll and time and attendance system, look into ExakTime’s portable JobClocks with GPS capabilities.

A portable time clock will eliminate the waste from using paper time sheets to log employees’ hours at the job site. These are highly inaccurate as employees can easily fudge their time, often times with no real consequence. Even if you can trust your employees, chances are high that their sheets are inaccurate as well. Due to simple memory issues, your employees my not remember the exact time they took their break at the beginning of the week, and therefore their time sheets are not as accurate as they should be.

Portable time clocks eliminate all these issues by allowing employees to easily clock in and out at the job site as well as list which site they are at. If you have a foreman on hand, they even have the capability to clock in the entire team at the job site, eliminating the need to remember specifically when employees arrived.

Additionally, these portable time clocks include GPS capabilities that allow you to track where your employees are. You can figure out if they are taking unnecessary off-site routes, needlessly delaying travel time, or where they are when they clock in and out. The GPS feature gives you total accountability and access to your employees at all times.

Eliminate the waste and worry from time sheets with GPS enabled portable time clocks for your business. Allow your employees to concentrate at the job site, while you take care of the paperwork.