Nothing is worse than having a strong feeling that you’re paying for hours that aren’t being worked but having no real way to catch or prevent it.

Fortunately, our mobile time tracking app, ExakTime Mobile, holds your employees accountable, so you won’t have to worry about getting ripped off by paying an employee for hours they never worked.

The ExakTime Mobile time tracking app is designed to track crews on your Smartphone or Tablet, transforming your mobile hardware into a feature rich time tracking and labor management device. It supports English, Spanish and French and provides No-Fee GPS Tracking.

How it works:

  • Workers login with their unique PIN number
  • They tap green to start tracking their hours and red to stop
  • They choose their location and job activity
  • Records are wirelessly downloaded to our employee management software, TimeSummit, on your office computer in seconds
  • TimeSummit lets managers analyze and export work hours into the company’s accounting or payroll system
  • Works on an iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Blackberry, Android and Windows Mobile
  • 24 global positioning satellites work with your Smartphone to find your employees exact location in the field
  • Custom-set geofences and reports validate whether or not they were at the correct location when they clocked in or out, and records are flagged when employees aren’t at the jobsite they clocked in to or out of
  • FaceFront Biometrics eliminates the risk of buddy punching by snapping photos of your workers when they clock in and out
  • Equipment Tracking tracks both workers and equipment so you don’t have to once you assign a piece of equipment to an employee and location
  • Management Tools let supervisors and foremen sort and categorize an unlimited number of workers and their job activities (roofing, plumbing, painting, etc.)
  • Each time punch includes a GPS fix so the office knows the location of every clock in/out and can quickly view the travel times between locations
  • Managers can also set a virtual perimeter, or ‘geofence,’ around each jobsite to highlight employees clocking in/out when they are not actually at the work site

How it holds your employee accountable:

Want to learn more about how mobile time clocks can improve the accountability of your workforce and save you money? Contact us!