EaxkTime Mobile

Our mobile time clock, ExakTime Mobile, offers no-fee GPS tracking, a feature that can help your business run more seamlessly than ever before. How you ask? Here’s just a few ways:

More Efficient Dispatching

Once you have GPS functionality in place, you’ll wonder how you ever handled dispatching before.

In the past, dispatching was a bit of a guessing game. You may have had a good idea where individual employees were but not a completely accurate, up to date picture.

All too often, this leads to situations were a worker is dispatched to solve a problem at a work site miles away when another worker able to do the job is much closer. Inefficiencies like this add up and can begin to erode your bottom line.

ExakTime Mobile’s GPS functionality ensures these issues are done away with. Now you can see where your workers are in seconds and quickly dispatch the closet employee.

Not only will this eliminate unnecessary fuel and transportation costs, your customers will also be impressed by your quick response time.

Custom Geofences

Setting ups custom geofences is easy with ExakTime Mobile.

Geofences allow you to get a clearer picture of where your employees are in the field and when.

ExakTime Mobile’s GPS feature utilizes 30 global positions satellites to give you the exact location of your employees when they clock in or out.

Now you can be sure attendance policies are being followed and that your business isn’t falling victim to the dishonesty of a few workers. Our reports even alert you when an employee clocks in or out outside of their designated area.

Better Communication

GPS tracking means clearer, more timely communication. This is especially important if your workforce is spread out over multiple distant work sites. You can’t be everywhere at once but effective GPS tracking can get you close.

With an up to the minute knowledge of where all your employees are you’ll be better equipped to quickly respond to problems or issues that arise in the field . Even better, you’ll be able to respond cost effectively.

Want to learn about what ExakTime Mobile and GPS tracking can do for your business. Just ask!