Mobile time tracking can do more than simply make your time tracking system more portable and adaptable to remote, rugged job sites. It will also have the payroll processors in your office smiling from ear to ear. Here’s why:

Automated Payroll Management Eliminates Human Error

Human beings make mistakes: it’s unavoidable. It’s hard for even the most diligent bookkeeper to keep track of every employee, the hours they worked, the days they took off or were sick, and their varying pay rates with 100% accuracy.

With old-fashioned paper time cards, bookkeepers must add up all the numbers by hand and then enter that data into your payroll software. It’s time-consuming and it allows for errors at several points in the process.

Strong mobile time tracking systems wirelessly deliver the time and attendance records they collect to your computer, where the data can be shared easily with your accounting program. This eliminate steps in the payroll process that are subject to human error. And, if an error occurs, mobile and electronic time tracking systems make it easy to identify and correct.

Saves Time And Money

Not only does an electronic mobile time tracking system eliminate buddy punching and employee inflation of hours, the fact that it sends time records to your office every hour makes payroll processing so much more manageable.

First off, you’ll no longer have to waste time and gas sending someone out to your various job sites to collect paper time cards.
Secondly, your bookkeeper can now verify time and attendance, note any inconsistencies or missing records, and begin working on payroll at any time throughout the week.

Allowing your payroll or HR person to monitor and organize payroll data as the pay period progresses make payroll processing that much faster and less overwhelming.

Monitor Your Work Sites In Near Real-Time

Effective payroll management is much more than simply tracking the hours your employees are on the job and cutting them the corresponding paycheck. Mobile time tracking allows you to know who is at the job site, what they’re doing and how quickly they’re doing it in real time.

The strongest mobile time tracking apps employ features like photo ID verification, GPS geofences, and even multimedia field updates to confirm workers are where they say they are—and to keep you apprised of what’s going on there.

An efficient mobile payroll management system makes you more confident in the decisions you make for your employees and your business. With mobile time tracking, you can be an effective and informed remote foreman.