If you’re a small business owner, you know that every dollar counts. Losing money due to inaccurate time and attendance tracking just isn’t an option.

Unfortunately, that is all-too-often the case for businesses that still track time using an outdated pencil and paper system.

Dishonest employees can inflate their hours with a few simple pencil strokes and buddy punching can go on indefinitely with no foolproof way of detecting it.

Even if your workforce is 100% honest, illegible and smudged time cards can make data entry a frustrating and error prone process for your payroll specialist.

Thankfully, we’ve got your solution.

Our mobile time tracking app, PocketClock/GPS, puts a powerful, automated time and attendance clock in the palm of your hand.

PocketClock/GPS employs the latest in GPS and biometric technology to protect your business from the pitfalls of overpaying for work that isn’t being done.

GPS Allows For More Efficient Employee Management

Our mobile time tracking app’s GPS functionality acts like an extra set of eyes in the field, keeping you informed about what’s going on at your work sites – no matter how far away they are.

It harnesses the power of 24 global positioning satellites that communicate with your Smartphone to give you the exact location of your workers in the field.

You can even set custom geofences that notify you via reports when an employee clocks in or out outside of the designated area.

Eliminate Buddy Punching With FaceFront Biometrics

FaceFront Biometrics allows you to stop buddy punching before it happens and before it starts costing you money.

It utilizes the front-facing camera on your phone or mobile device to snap a picture of the employee clocking in or out. That photo is then forwarded onto our time attendance software, TimeSummit, in your office where it can be used for quick identification and verification by your bookkeeper.

It’s as simple as that. No more loopholes, no more ways to game the system – just accurate and straightforward time and attendance records each and every time.

Want to learn more about what our mobile time tracking app can do for your business? Get in touch!