It may not always feel like it, but the construction industry is a fast business. With contractors, architects, inspectors, and handfuls of trade specialists all working on the same property, it’s important to be mindful of the time your business is putting into the project.

When your team falls behind on a project, it can affect your business adversely—and your subcontractors, too. Think of the domino effect poor time management on the construction site can cause.

Unplanned Overtime

This is usually the first thing construction site managers think of when they know they are falling behind schedule. After all, overtime can quickly get out of control, cost your business more and directly cut into the profit of a construction project. Mobile time tracking solutions that keep you apprised of what’s going on at a job site throughout the day and week can help you keep hours in check and avoid unplanned overtime.

Delaying the Work of Other Businesses

Delaying the work of another business is another unpleasant result of poor time tracking. Let’s face it, most contractors don’t spend a lot of time thinking about their impact on subcontractors. In the construction industry, though, it’s not all that uncommon for one company to be waiting on the work to be completed by another before they can get started.

If you frequently fall behind on your work, it could have a negative impact on your company’s reputation. You don’t want to gain a reputation of being the company that is always holding up the project—not among your subcontractors OR your clients (think bad Internet reviews–ugh!).

Risk of Losing New Business

You can’t focus only on right now if you want to grow your business. You have to be thinking two steps ahead. Effective time tracking solutions can help you stay on task, complete projects on time, and open yourself up to new business sooner. You can’t grow your business if you aren’t taking on new projects and finding new sources of revenue.

Next time you’re behind schedule on a project, think about the next project you could be missing because you weren’t available when they needed you.

There are a number of effective ways to improve construction workforce time management. You also have to think beyond the tools and build a team with the understanding of the importance of time management and the drive to deliver quality work in a timely manner on every project. The solutions offered by ExakTime help keep time tracking in order so you can grow as a business.