If you work in an on-the-go industry (like construction, landscaping or field services) where job sites change frequently and quickly, our time and attendance system is the perfect solution to your time tracking and payroll management needs.

The ExakTime system allows you to efficiently collect time tracking data for all of your employees, no matter where they are. It then stores this data in our cloud-based platform so you can easily manage it—and sync it with your payroll software.

With ExakTime, you can rest easy knowing you’re saving both time and money. Here’s how:

FaceFront Biometrics Prevents Buddy Punching

Buddy punching—when one employee clocks in for another—can cost businesses significant amounts of money.

Our FaceFront Biometrics feature eliminates that concern by utilizing the front-facing camera on each employee’s smartphone to snap a picture of the employee clocking in or out using our software.

This photographic record means quick and easy identification in your payroll office. No more buddy punching means no more paying for labor you didn’t get.

Payroll Management Is Easier

Once the data has been collected, it’s stored indefinitely in our cloud-based employee management program. From there, you can make any necessary changes, generate a variety of reports, and even sync time records with your payroll software.

When it comes time to cut checks, you can turn a process that normally takes hours or days into minutes.

Time and Attendance Records Are Paperless

ExakTime also lets you do away with paper time cards, saving you money on supplies while protecting the environment.

Paper time records present a host of other disadvantages too—they’re easily fudged or forgotten, difficult to transcribe and time-consuming to organize.

Electronic time and attendance records mean accurate data that is much easier to manage, decipher and access. Time spent organizing and decoding time clock records is eliminated, saving your payroll department time and you money.

Mobile and Efficient Time Tracking

We designed our time clock app for employees, but it also helps project and payroll managers stay organized throughout the day no matter if they’re working in-office or remotely.

The modern, user-friendly interface allows both employees and supervisors to navigate through a list of customized tasks upon clocking in. This makes adjusting daily tasks a cinch before, after and even during the workday.

The built-in SiteHub feature provides an all-in-one view of cost codes, clock-in/clock-out activity and other informative job site details. Supervisors can even check in on specific job sites with a bird’s-eye view map that displays each worker’s location and selected task.

The app also utilizes multimedia functionality and features to further streamline all job costing, time tracking and payroll management in an accessible way.

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