Interested in investing in a time tracking app? Here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions.

How much time and money can I expect to save with ExakTime?

According to the American Payroll Association, businesses with 20 employees lose an average of $25,000 annually with handwritten, paper time cards (about 50 minutes per day, per employee).

Our system solves the problem of time theft by collecting digital records of the exact minute workers clock in and out—and pays for itself, on average, in about 4 to 6 weeks.

Get a more exact estimate of your savings with our payroll savings calculator.

What payroll packages do you work with?

We share time & attendance data with QuickBooks, Sage, ADP, Paychex and dozens more of the most popular accounting applications out there today.

In just a few simple clicks, you can transfer your time records from our system to yours. No more fudged data. No more manual data entry.

Are you guys in the cloud?

Yes. Our award-winning time clocks and mobile app sync seamlessly with our software in the cloud, which securely stores your field records for access from any Internet-enabled device.

Which time clock is best for me?

We’d be happy to help you determine this, once we know what type of workers you have and where they are working.

We offer a a mobile time tracking app plus wireless and rugged time clocks to fit the needs of all our customers. You can even mix clocks in your system if you need to—their data flows into our software seamlessly.

Does your system stop buddy punching/do you have biometrics?

No time and attendance system will turn a bad employee into a good one. An employee who cheats on handwritten paper time cards will try to do the same when clocking into an automated time tracking system.

ExakTime Mobile, however, employs FaceFront Biometrics® to eliminate buddy punching and time theft.

Using their mobile device’s front-facing camera, the app snaps photos of your workers at clock-in and clock-out and takes a GPS stamp of their location. Time stamps and photos go straight to the cloud for your bookkeeper to match with the employee’s master photo.

Does your system use GPS tracking?

Yes. When workers clock in or out on their smartphones using our ExakTime Mobile app, the app records their GPS location. These GPS stamps appear next to each time stamp in our software, and a red satellite icon shows when an employee wasn’t where they should be.

ExakTime Mobile also utilizes a bread crumbing feature—GeoTrakker—that tracks workers on the move, while they are moving.

What does your system track besides hours worked?

Our automated systems track the work-site data that matter most.

The ExakTime System tracks worker hours, costs codes, work activities, job phases, equipment, job locations, materials, budgets, vendors and more—and organizes the data into clean, detailed reports that you can actually read and trust.

The granular data we track makes it easier for contractors to win future bids and lower workers’ comp premiums or for project managers to create more accurate SOWs. The data also protects against wage and hour compliance lawsuits.

Does your system track who edited time records?

Yes. Our web-based software ExakTime Connect requires each user to login with a username and password and attaches an audit trail to any edits they make while reviewing time records.

If edits need to be made in your office or anywhere else, you can track who edited the records, the changes made and the date the edit was executed.

Last but not least, how much does your system cost?

Because we customize every time and attendance package to our clients’ needs, the price does vary from system to system.

For more information on pricing, call us at (888) 788-8463 and we’ll put together a free quote based on the needs of your business. The next move will be up to you.