Anytime you’re adopting a new system—whether it’s for payroll or another area of your business—you want to know: how much is this going to cost? For time tracking, the answer can vary.

As is the case with many software solutions, pricing options are almost as unique as the programs themselves. If you’re comparing time tracking solutions, you’ll likely come across theses pricing options:


Often a set monthly or yearly cost, flat-rate pricing usually means the time tracking system is intended as a one-size-fits-all solution. For a fixed cost, you’ll get access to the time tracking program, though it will be up to you to implement the software into your company’s workflow.

Typically, this is best suited for smaller businesses who have very basic time tracking needs. They just need a simple system for someone to punch in and out each day—no other features required.


Pay-per-user pricing models allow companies to either pay a set fee for each user of the software or to select a tier that matches the size of the company. These payment plans sometimes include a smaller monthly fee on top of the per-user total.

Pay-Per-User pricing works well for businesses who expect the size of their company to change over time, such as industries where seasonal work leads to short-term hires, or just companies that are growing. Most software utilizing this pricing model allows you to adjust your level at any time, which provides valuable flexibility.

Modular and custom-priced

Some time tracking softwares, like ExakTime, don’t have set pricing models, because the solution is tailored specifically to meet the needs of each individual company. For our software, we’ll assess your time tracking and workforce management needs and provide a quote for your solution.

You might need a rugged time clock for workers in a dirty or harsh environment. A mobile app might work better if all your employees are solo and roaming—or you might want a combination of the two. You might have multiple people who’ll be editing time and creating reports on locations, cost codes and more, or that role might come down to one individual in your company.

The benefit of this pricing system is that you’ll end up with a time tracking solution that fits your company size and your workflow like a glove, even when there’s variation within your company. You’ll also get great features that add transparency to your work sites—and with ExakTime, live U.S. customer support.

Savings Are Key

A high-quality time tracking system should quickly pay for itself, and then some, by bringing significant savings in other areas. With efficient time clock software, you’ll be able to cut time processing payroll, cut down on time theft, and focus more on areas of your business where you can make a profit.

Want to see how much switching to a more efficient time tracking system could save your company? Check out ExakTime’s Payroll Savings Calculator. Or, if you’re ready to make the switch, request a quote for your custom time tracking solution by filling out the form on this page.