You asked for it, and here it is! We are pleased to announce two exciting new features—Expenses and Shifts.


How you track and manage employee expenses can affect your data reporting, compliance risk, and the bottom line. It can feel like a major hassle to chase down receipts and spend hours inputting data manually into spreadsheets.

Our new Expenses feature simplifies the process for you in two major ways—by enabling expense tracking and reporting and by allowing employees to enter expenses and associate them with locations and cost codes.

From your Connect dashboard, you can find Expenses in the Tools menu. Under Expenses is Expense Details and Manage Expense Types.

Expense Details consists of an employee list and related expenses—like fuel for company travel, or meals—for a selected date range.

On this screen, you can search and select an active employee.

From here, expenses can be added, edited or deleted. You can manage and categorize expenses in the Manage Expense Types screen. Expense reporting is available in the Expenses by Employee and Expenses by Location reports.


Let’s say you need to define overtime and double overtime policies for certain employees. We already allow you to group a set of employees together and ensure that your policies are always applied to their time records.

With our new Shifts feature, we’ve made it even easier for you by allowing policies and pay codes to be applied to specific shifts, thus improving data accuracy overall.

This is an optional feature that can be turned on and off and is ideal to use when your day is divided into set periods of time with distinct groups of workers assigned to those set periods. You can even set a default shift for assigned employees when their punches do not fall within an eligible shift.

At ExakTime, we’re always thinking of ways to make our time management software even better and easier for you, with cutting-edge features. Stay tuned for more exciting innovations soon!